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    Saturday February 23, 2019


    8:00AM               10U       Amherst vs Southtowns

    9:00AM               10U       Rochester vs NJPE

    10:00AM            10U Jamboree

    11:30AM            Red Division Championship

    1:00PM               10U Championship

    2:00PM               Pink      Caz vs. Webster/Depew

    3:30PM               Blue      Webster vs Winner play in game

    All games will start on time or as much as 15 minutes early. Please be ready.

    Leisure Rinks

    9:00AM               Blue      Finger Lakes vs Amherst/Hamburg          Winner plays in championship game


    9:00AM               Pink       Webster vs. Depew                               Winner plays in championship game


    Great Lakes Girls Hockey League

    5th Annual Gallagher Championships



    1. Each game will be as follows:
      1. 10U will play 10-10-10          Penalties 1:30 Major 3:00
      2. Red will play 12-12-12           Penalties 1:30 Major 3:00
      3. Pink will play 13-13-15          Penalties 2:00 Major 5:00
      4. Blue will play 15-15-15          Penalties 2:00 Major 5:00
    2. USA Hockey and NYSAHA  rules apply with the following additions:
    3. Teams are to be ready to go on the ice fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of their scheduled game. Games may start early.
    4. There will be a three (3) minute warm up at the start of each game, which will start following the exit of the Zamboni.
    5. Each Team must provide one ADULT to work the score keeper’s booth for each game.
    6. Teams must provide stickers with rosters for each game in the tournament in a bag clearly labeled with the name of the team and the division they are playing in. For example Red Division Caz.
    7. If Play-in games are tied at the end of the game we will go to tie breaker rules below.
    8. If a Championship game is tied at the end of 3 periods we will go to the overtime rules below.
    1. A maximum of twenty (20) individual awards will be presented per team in Final Game. 
    2. A maximum of nineteen (19) players, including two (2) goaltenders per team will be registered for the game. 
    3. Referee's Decision is final and not subject to appeal or grievance. 
    4. If a player receives 4 penalties in a game she is ejected from that game
    5. Suspensions – USA Hockey Rules will apply.
    6. Tournament Director Decision is final and binding.  
    7. Home team, listed first on the schedule, will wear light colored sweaters, away teams will wear dark colored sweaters..
    8. If the goal differential in any play-in game is 5 or greater, with 6 minutes or less remaining in the 3rd period, the clock will continue to run out. Should the goal differential become less than 5 in the remaining time, the clock will revert back to stop time.


    1. Each team will be allowed one thirty (30) second time-out during final championship game only. No time-outs in play-in games.

    Tie-Breakers Play-In Games

    1. If two teams are tied at the end of play-in game, the final standing will be determined in the following manner.
    1. Least penalty minutes
    2. First goal scored
    3. Coin toss


    1. Sudden death will only take place in championship games.
      1. One 5-minute stop-time sudden victory period will be played 4 on 4
      2. One 3-minute stop-time sudden victory period will be played 3 on 3
    2. Shoot out
    1. If still tied, a three player shoot out. Shooters are to be designated on the game sheet prior to the start of the game, indicated as S1, S2, S3. The game will end if one team has scored more than the other team on their 3 shot attempts.
    2. Shooters from both teams will alternate shots starting at the center ice red line.
    3. If still tied, subsequent shots will be rotating shooters from the bench one per team until a winner is determined. A winner is declared when one team scores and the other team does not. A player may not shoot for a second time until all players on the game sheet (except goalies) have shot.
    4. If one teams has more players than another both teams will be able to choose from all of their players once everyone from the tem with the least number of players has had everyone shoot. A player may not shoot for a third time until all players on the game sheet (except goalies) have shot.
    5. Note: Players serving a penalty that has not expired by the end of sudden-death overtime MAY NOT participate in the first round of the shoot-out. They can participate in subsequent rounds.

    Good Luck and thank you for participating in the Great Lakes Girls Hockey League

    5th Annual Gallagher Championships!

    Regular Season Tie Breakers

    1. If two teams are tied at the end of the season, the final standing will be determined in the following manner. If more than 2 teams are tied then criteria ii will be omitted.
    1. Number of Wins in saeson in league games
    2. Record against other tied team
    3. goals for / against percentage in games against. The goal percentage of a team is determined by adding the goals for and against together and dividing that total into the total goals for, with the team having the highest percentage winning the higher position

    Example - goals for / goals for + goals against or 10 goals for / 10 goals for + 4 goals against, 10/14 = .714 percentage.

    1. Fewest goals allowed in season
    2. Least penalty minutes in season
    3. Coin toss

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