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 Great Lakes Girls Hockey League Scholarship 

Purpose:  To award a college bound high school senior based on demonstrated achievement and  interest in pursuing her education.


  • A current member of GLGHL
  • Have played in the league for a minimum of 3 years
  • Submit An essay describing your accomplishments, School honors, clubs or organizations, or volunteering you have done and future goals you may have.
  • A letter of recommendation from 1 non-family member


Guidelines: The scholarship will be awarded directly to the recipient.


Amount:     $250 dollars (One Time)


Deadline:             The deadline for submitting the essay and letter of recommendation is April 15th 2020


Please submit application by April 15th 2020


ATT. Darren Palaszewski

207 N. Autumn St.

Williamsville, NY 14221

Or Email

10U Jamboree

Saturday February 29, 2020

1:30 PM

RiverWorks Ice Rink

359 Ganson Street Buffalo, New York 14203

This is a FREE event sponsored by GLGHL for all girls who are registered with USA Hockey and have full equipment.

To register for this event please the direction below. Individuals can register and will be placed on teams.

Girls participating will receive:

  • Over 1 hour of ice time playing cross ice hockey with other girls their age from around WNY
  • A gift courtesy of the GLGHL
  • Hot Chocolate and snack after the games

The Jamboree will be a 4 on 4 event and teams do not need goalies. We are asking that each team have a USA Hockey Registered Coach with skates and a helmet on the ice with their team. GLGHL will provide officials.

To register please send a list of players you will have playing in the Jamboree with their USA Hockey Registration Number to Also include the number of years of experience each player has.

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th!


  Small Rink       Periods
Start Division Home  Away Cerfew   1st 2nd 3rd
8:00 AM 10U STS Amhesrt 9:00 AM   10 10 10
9:10 AM 16/19 Freeze Blues 10:30 AM   15 15 15
10:40 AM 14U Eagles Webster 12:00 PM Play-in Game 15 15 12
12:10 PM 14U Hamburg Shamrocks 1:30 PM Play-in Game 15 15 12
1:30PM 10U Jamboree   3:00PM        
3:20 PM 16/19 TBD TBD 4:50 PM Play-in Game 15 15 15
5:00 PM 10U Rochester TBD 6:20 PM Championship 12 12 10
6:30 PM 14U TBD TBD 8:00 PM Championship 15 15 15


  Large Rink       Periods
Start Division Home  Away Cerfew   1st 2nd 3rd
8:15 AM 16/19 Hamburg Amherst 9:35 AM   15 15 15
11:40 AM 12U STS Erie 1:00 PM Championship 13 13 13
1:10 PM 12U  Skills   2:00 PM        
2:10 PM 14U  Skills   3:00 PM        
3:10 PM 16/19 Webster TBD 4:50 PM Play-in Game 15 15 15
5:15 PM 16/19U Skills   6:30 PM        
7:30 PM 16/19 TBD TBD 9:00 AM Championship 15 15 15
16/19U The first place team receives a bye to the second round.    
  Winners of the round one games advance to the second round.  
  The highest seeded loser in the first round advances to the second round
  as the lowest seed.          
  Example Amherst beats Hamburg      
    Amherst moves to the second round as the number 3 seed  
    Hamburg being the highest seed from the regular season   
    also advance but becomes the fourth seed playing Webster
    In this scenario the winner of the Freeze vs Blues game advances
    the loser is out of the tournament    



We have made a change to the:

Number of players allowed on a team.

The 12U penalty time.

The need to submit a paper copy of your teams USA Hockey Rosters at the Tournament.

Great Lakes Girls Hockey League

6th Annual Gallagher Championships



  1. Each game will be as follows:
    1. 10U will play 10-10-10                                   Penalties 1:30 Major 3:00
    2. 10U Championship 12-12-10                         Penalties 1:30 Major 3:00
    3. 12U will play 13-13-13                                   Penalties 2:00  Major 5:00
    4. 14U will play 15-15-12                                   Penalties 2:00  Major 5:00
    5. 14U Championship will play 15-15-12          Penalties 2:00  Major 5:00
    6. 16/19U will play 15-15-15 (all games)           Penalties 2:00 Major 5:00
  2. USA Hockey and NYSAHA  rules apply with the following additions:
  3. Teams are to be ready to go on the ice fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of their scheduled game. Games may start early.
  4. There will be a three (3) minute warm up at the start of each game, which will start following the exit of the Zamboni.
  5. Each Team must provide one ADULT to work the score keeper’s booth for each game.
  6. Teams must provide stickers with rosters for each game in the tournament in a bag clearly labeled with the name of the team and the division they are playing in. For example 12U Division Caz. A paper copy of your USA Hockey Roster must be submitted with the sticker.
  7. If Play-in games are tied at the end of the game we will go to tie breaker rules below.
  1. If a Championship game is tied at the end of 3 periods we will go to the Overtime Rules below. A maximum of twenty (20) individual awards will be presented per team in Final Game. 
  2. A maximum of twenty-two (22) players, including two (2) goaltenders per team will be registered for the game. 
  3. Referee's Decision is final and not subject to appeal or grievance. 
  4. If a player receives 4 minor penalties in a game she is ejected from that game.
  5. Suspensions – USA Hockey Rules will apply.
  6. Tournament Director Decision is final and binding.  
  7. Home team, listed first on the schedule, will wear light colored sweaters, away teams will wear dark colored sweaters.
  8. If the goal differential in any game is 5 or greater, with 6 minutes or less remaining in the 3rd period, the clock will continue to run out. Should the goal differential become less than 5 in the remaining time, the clock will revert to stop time.


  1. Each team will be allowed one thirty (30) second time-out during final championship game only. No time-outs in any other games.


Tie-Breakers Play-In Games

  1. If two teams are tied at the end of play-in game, the final standing will be determined in the following manner.
  1. Least penalty minutes
  2. First goal scored
  3. Coin toss

OVERTIME (Championship Games ONLY)

  1. Sudden death will only take place in championship games.
    1. One 5-minute stop-time sudden victory period will be played 4 on 4
    2. One 3-minute stop-time sudden victory period will be played 3 on 3
  2. Shoot out
  1. If still tied, a three player shoot out. Shooters are to be designated on the game sheet prior to the start of the game, indicated as S1, S2, S3. The game will end if one team has scored more than the other team on their 3 shot attempts.
  2. Shooters from both teams will alternate shots starting at the center ice red line.
  3. If still tied, subsequent shots will be rotating shooters from the bench one per team until a winner is determined. A winner is declared when one team scores and the other team does not. A player may not shoot for a second time until all players on the game sheet (except goalies) have shot.
  4. If one teams has more players than another both teams will be able to choose from all of their players once everyone from the team with the least number of players has had everyone shoot. A player may not shoot for a third time until all players on the game sheet (except goalies) have shot.
  5. Note: Players serving a penalty that has not expired by the end of sudden-death overtime MAY NOT participate in the first round of the shoot-out. They can participate in subsequent rounds.

Good Luck and thank you for participating in the Great Lakes Girls Hockey League

6th Annual Gallagher Championships!


Please submit a copy or a link to the USA Hockey Team Roster portal for your team.

email rosters to:

State Qualifiers 2019-2020

Congratulations to the following teams for qualifying for the 2019-2020 NY State Tier 2 tournament








Hamburg Hawks


Monroe Edge






Hamburg Hawks


Amherst Knights






Depew  Saints


Monroe Edge


Hamburg Hawks






CAZ  Chiefs


Monroe Edge



2019-2020 GLGHL Season

We're planning for the 2019-2020 GLGHL season.

Please follow the link below to register each of your GLGHL Girls Teams for the 2019-2020 season. 

We'll send out division summaries as soon as we get the majority of responses. 

It's a short form, so please don't delay. If you're unsure of a team's status, there is a "Team Notes" at the bottom to make any necessary comments.

Please pass this along to other Girls teams in your association.



Here what we have so far please let us know if it is correct. If your team is not on the list below please register asap. If your team is listed incorrectly please email Tom Nelson at

2019-2020 GLGHL Teams (as of 8-13-19)  
Rochester Coalition 10U
Southtowns 10U
Rochester Edge 10U
Rochester Edge 10U (12U)
Amherst 10U (12U)
Southtowns 12U NTB
Amherst Youth Hockey 12U NTB
Erie Youth Hockey 12U NTB
Rochester Coalition 12U TB
Rochester Edge Perinton 12U TB
Buffalo Bisons 12U TB
Hamburg Hawks 12U TB
Buffalo Shamrocks 14U NTB
Hamburg Hawks 14U NTB
Southtowns 14U NTB
Webster Youth Hockey 14U NTB
Amherst Knights 14U TB
Hamburg Hawks 14U TB
Geneseo/Livingston Blues 16U NTB
Rochester Edge MCYH 16U TB
Cazenovia Park Hockey Association 16U TB
Hamburg Hawks 16U TB
Amherst Knights 16U TB
Webster Cyclones 19U NTB
Hamburg Hawks 19U NTB
Amherst Knights 19U TB
Cazenovia Park Hockey Association 19U TB
Valley Eagles/Syracuse Eagles 19U TB
Hamburg Hawks 19U TB
MCYH Edge 19U TB



Saturday February 23, 2019

10U Champions     Rochester

Red Champions     Buffalo Shamrocks

Pink Champions     Depew Lady Saints

Blue Champions     Webster Cyclones



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How to upload Scoresheets

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