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GLGHL Udates and Reminders

Important Notice

Please make sure your team is on the list of teams in the posting below. If you are not listed you are not registered and need to be by September 3rd, 2019. We want to announce the divisions by September 22, 2019.

Point of Contact and Volunteers

All Association in GLGHL this year need to have a volunteer to assist the league. This person should be able to attend the few league meetings we have over the season, (the option to call in is available), relay information from the league back to your association and help with league events.

We also need one person from each association to be the one person the GHGHL should go to with any issues that come up. This main point of contact should be able to communicate to the different girl’s teams in your association when GLGHL needs additional follow through on issues.

The main point of contact and the volunteer can be the same person, or your association can have two people assigned to these duties. We would ask that the people volunteering for these two positions not be any of the coaches on the team. The reasoning behind this is that GLGHL is looking for new ideas and new people to help the league. Some of the members from the GLGHL are close to retirement and we will need help to support the league going forward.



The GLGHL needs a Treasurer. The task of the position is as follows:

  1. Making sure all teams have paid their league fees and depositing those checks
  2. Paying a few league invoices that come up during the season
  3. Providing financial report to the league at our meetings

Please let me know if you are interested


Division Leaders

All Divisions this year will have a main point of contact. If someone wants to volunteer for that position now, please let me know. If we do not have a volunteer before at the scheduling meeting one person must be designated before the end of the meeting. The duties of the Division point of contact are as follows:

  1. Make sure the website shows the correct standings
  2. Remind teams to report games if they have not
  3. Support the GLGHL Board is there are issues such as a disciplinary hearing.


Scheduling Meeting

The scheduling meeting will be October 6th, 2019 at the Northtowns Center. Check in will start at 8:30 AM. The League meeting will start at 9:00AM with scheduling to follow immediately after the short meeting. All teams must check-in with their USA Hockey Roster and a check for the league fee of $150. A Continental Breakfast will be provided.

Play-offs and Championship Games

The play-offs and championships this year will be at Riverworks on Saturday February 29th, 2020. The games will start at 8AM and will last until 9PM. Teams have until November 30, 2019 to opt out.


If you have any questions, please contact me or another GLGHL Board Member. 

Thank you 


Declared Teams as of 09/03/19

If your team is not listed, please contact and let me know.

2019-2020 GLGHL Teams (as of 09/03/19)

NTB League:

Rochester Coalition 10U NTB

Southtowns Stars 10U NTB

Rochester Edge 10U NTB

Rochester Edge 10U/12U NTB

Amherst Knights 10U/12U NTB

Southtowns Stars 12U NTB

Amherst Knights 12U NTB

Erie Lions 12U NTB

Buffalo Shamrocks 14U NTB

Hamburg Hawks 14U NTB

Southtowns Stars 14U NTB

Valley Eagles 14U NTB

Webster Cyclones 14U NTB

Amherst Knights 14U/16U NTB

Geneseo/Livingston Blues 16U NTB

Hamburg Hawks 19U NTB 

Webster Cyclones 19U NTB

TB League:

Rochester Coalition 12U TB

Rochester Edge Perinto 12U TB

Hamburg Hawks 12U TB

Amherst Knights 14U TB

Hamburg Hawks 14U TB

Rochester Edge MCYH 16U TB

Cazenovia Chiefs 16U TB

Hamburg Hawks 16U TB

Amherst Knights 16U TB

Amherst Knights 19U TB

Cazenovia Chiefs 19U TB

Syracuse/Valley Eagles 19U TB

Hamburg Hawks 19U TB

Rochester Edge MCYH 19U TB

GLGHL Scholarship Award Winner

Congratulations to Mackenzie Blake, this years winner of the
GLGHL scholarship award.  Mackenzie is a 2019 graduate of Sacred Heart Academy and will be attending SUNY Cortland in the fall.

2019-2020 GLGHL Season

We're planning for the 2019-2020 GLGHL season.

Please follow the link below to register each of your GLGHL Girls Teams for the 2019-2020 season. 

We'll send out division summaries as soon as we get the majority of responses. 

It's a short form, so please don't delay. If you're unsure of a team's status, there is a "Team Notes" at the bottom to make any necessary comments.

Please pass this along to other Girls teams in your association.



Here what we have so far please let us know if it is correct. If your team is not on the list below please register asap. If your team is listed incorrectly please email Tom Nelson at

2019-2020 GLGHL Teams (as of 8-13-19)  
Rochester Coalition 10U
Southtowns 10U
Rochester Edge 10U
Rochester Edge 10U (12U)
Amherst 10U (12U)
Southtowns 12U NTB
Amherst Youth Hockey 12U NTB
Erie Youth Hockey 12U NTB
Rochester Coalition 12U TB
Rochester Edge Perinton 12U TB
Buffalo Bisons 12U TB
Hamburg Hawks 12U TB
Buffalo Shamrocks 14U NTB
Hamburg Hawks 14U NTB
Southtowns 14U NTB
Webster Youth Hockey 14U NTB
Amherst Knights 14U TB
Hamburg Hawks 14U TB
Geneseo/Livingston Blues 16U NTB
Rochester Edge MCYH 16U TB
Cazenovia Park Hockey Association 16U TB
Hamburg Hawks 16U TB
Amherst Knights 16U TB
Webster Cyclones 19U NTB
Hamburg Hawks 19U NTB
Amherst Knights 19U TB
Cazenovia Park Hockey Association 19U TB
Valley Eagles/Syracuse Eagles 19U TB
Hamburg Hawks 19U TB
MCYH Edge 19U TB



Saturday February 23, 2019

10U Champions     Rochester

Red Champions     Buffalo Shamrocks

Pink Champions     Depew Lady Saints

Blue Champions     Webster Cyclones



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