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Buffalo Beauts

Buffalo Beauts Hockey

Jami Cohen has been named the Business Director for the Buffalo Beauts. Jami is our contact for everything related to the Beauts. If you would like to have your teams participate at a Beauts’ game Jami will help. The Beautes would like to help with anything from one player as an honorary captain, to an entire team skating at intermission. Bryce Adrian is also a contact with the Beautes that can help as well.

Contact Information

Jami Cohen

Bryce Adrian

Ticket Link


Always good for the Girls to see what they can aspire to be one day.

Time Keepers Needed - $15 per Game

Mayk Ideas will be hosting a tournament in Buffalo November 3rd -5th

Here are the times of the tournament:

Nov 3- 8am-10pm

Nov 4- 8am- 10pm

Nov 5- 8am-4pm

They are looking for time-keeps. They will pay $15.00 per game. Games are about 90 minutes. If you are interested contact:

Justin Sagolili 

Mayk Ideas 

416.364.8576 ext: 14091

2017- 2018 NTB Division - FINAL

Below are the Final NTB Divisions. 

GLGHL 10U Division      
GLGHL Red Division   1 Home 1 Away 1 Flip
      9 game season
NJPE Red        
  Suggest playing Fredonia and Shamrocks  
GLGHL White Division   1 Home 1 Away 1 Flip
      12 game Schedule
Fredonia     15 year old goalie
GLGHL Green Division 1 Home 1 Away 1 Flip    
    15 game schedule    
Hamburg 1        
Hamburg 2        
Webster 2        
Finger Lakes        
GLGHL Blue Division 1 Home 1 Away 1 Flip    
    6 game Schedule    
Webster 1         
Finger Lakes         


GLGHL Scheduling Meeting Reminders

The GLGHL Scheduling Meeting is Saturday September 23rd, 2017 at 9AM. It will be held at the Northtowns Center.

Please remeber to bring the following:

  1. USA Hockey Roster – this will need to be turned into the GLGHL Secretary upon arrival. 
  2. Check for $150.00 for each team playing in the league. This will need to be turned into the GLGHL Treasurer upon arrival.
  3. Sufficient ice for home games – GLGHL suggests that you have 10 sheets of home ice at the Scheduling Meeting


GLGHL Board of Directors and Staff

04/18/2017, 3:15pm EDT
By Craig Towne

President:  Darren Palaszewski (Amherst)

NTB VP: Chris Roberts (Caz)

Secretary: Kelly Collins (Rochester Grizzlies)

Treasurer: Laura Digiulio (Amherst)

Webmaster: Maeghan Roberts (Caz)

Member at large: Bill Pavone


12U TB Rep: TBD

14U TB Rep: TBD

16U TB Rep: Michael Young (Rochester Edge)

19U TB Rep: TBD

10U NTB Rep: Tim Zimmerman (Amherst)

12U NTB Rep: Meaghan Roberts (Caz)

14U NTB Rep: TBD

16U NTB Rep: TBD

19U  NTB Rep: TBD

GLGHL 10U Division in 2017-18 Season

01/31/2017, 8:30am EST
By C. Towne

GLGHL is pleased to announce plans to have a 10U Girls Division in the 2017-18 hockey season. Please let us know if your organization would like to enter a 10U team for next season.